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6 events organised for Women in Immersive Tech UK since August 2018!

We have hosted 6 networking events for Women in Immersive Technologies (WiiT) UK and more to come. The events are an opportunity for women in VR/AR to network, share views and information about the industry and help each other out.

The events also help grow the WiiT community in the UK and Europe.

The events have been accommodated at The Allbright and the Digital Catapult so far.

So far we have covered demos of Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap and we have been discussing topics such as User Interface, Immersive Health and the role of Women in Tech. We had the opportunity to co-host an event with Immerse UK and the Digital Catapult to understand how they support the immersive & creative industry sectors.

Women in Immersive Tech Europe is a community of over 1000 members that was launched in May 2016, aimed to empower European women in VR, AR, MR and other future visual technologies. The objective is to facilitate communication, collaboration and networking between women and men passionate about VR/AR/MR across Europe.

Your can join the community on Facebook and on Meetup: .

European women in VR/AR/MR are numerous therefore it is important to team up to identify other women in XR, to support each other, and in general to ensure the VR/AR/MR industry in Europe is as female/minority friendly as other regions are across the world. The start of a new medium provides an unprecedented opportunity to structurally improve the industry from the get go. XR innovation happens today, and we need to ensure diversity, equality and inclusion are cornerstones of this booming new industry. Data shows that women in tech are more competent and female film directors in Europe are more successful. More women in XR today will accelerate the success of XR in general.

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