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What is an 'Augmented Event'?

There has been a 360 degree change in the event industry due to COVID-19, and the gap between customer engagement and businesses during events is only increasing and becoming more evident. As companies are exploring the different possibilities and options, Augmented Events have been brought to the forefront.

What is an Augmented Event?

Augmented is “to make greater, more numerous, larger, or more intense”.

Whilst technology and the applications of Artificial Intelligence are becoming of more interest, an Augmented Event does not imply that technologies such as Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality must be used.

An Augmented Event is the perfect blend of physical and digital events occurring at the same time, allowing a great reach of people to access it, a stronger connection with your audience, and thus reaching greater engagement levels.

How our Web-Twin Discovery Map will facilitate an Augmented Event:

Allows more people to be at your event

Whilst the physical event is going on, you are able to recreate your world on an interactive 3D immersive web experience. It allows your customers to navigate through various parts of the event as if they were physically there. The Web-Twin allows you to have live streaming capabilities which brings attendees together and allows them to interact and connect with your brand on a more human level.

Complies with COVID-19 Regulations

As the physical event is happening in real-time, the attendees are able to open the discovery map onto their phones (or any devices) to navigate through the different rooms and have a live monitor of the amount of people in each room. With COVID-19 regulations, capacities have been limited to a certain amount and this can help keep your physical attendees aware.

Acts as a Virtual Tour for your Attendees

Instead of paying for directional signage, and staff to help manage crowds, the discovery map will allow your attendees to navigate through the map themselves beforehand and in the moment.

Gamify the Experience

The discovery map is designed to be gamified and uses 3D models and animations to create your company’s ‘world’. You are able to make your conference a bit more fun and our technology brings a whole new creative avenue to the interactive possibilities at events.

Increases cross-sale opportunities

The Web-Twin allows you to bring a variety of large products into one space virtually. Website visitors are able to navigate through your world in a more explorative manner and allows the attendees to engage with the products and services like they’ve never been able to before.

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