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Demand increase for WebVR digital twins

Business Trend update:

Immersionn was hit at the early phase of COVID - early February - because of the cancellation of Mobile World Congress which affected the global telecommunications industry, our core sector.

Luckily, this also means we are part of a sector that is 5 weeks ahead - in Europe - dealing with the situation and our clients are implementing innovative ways of running their business from video to virtual conferencing, to slack channels and with an overall focus on online sales & marketings solutions.

For us it is resulting in an increasing number of opportunities to produce and deploy WebVR 'digital twins' for Sales & marketing purpose that our clients can implement directly on their website or with our help via a microsite. Digital twins are virtual look alike of physical places or products and they can be used in marketing, sales, engineering, operations and services.

Here is an example of sales & marketing digital twin deployed by Intel as an example. You see it offers a new interactive way to discover an otherwise complex technology product "5G powering the cities".

If you have questions and would like to discuss this, do reach out. And otherwise for those of you who are following our pitch but not yet investors, we invite you to make a pledge today!

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