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#DrawFutureWorlds: Flying

In this first episode, we explore the future if flying. What is your first memory of flying? Could we all have personal flying cars in future? Could we live on the moon? Or, considering the carbon footprint, shall we forget about all of it and explore the world using Virtual Reality?

Our guest speakers

Taliesin Horton-Horsman

Aerospace engineering postgraduate, private pilot and Director and Co-founder of Touch Immersion. Passionate about combining entrepreneurship and engineering, particularly in the aerospace sector. Aims to live and work in space one day.

Tom Marsh

Tom is a 12 years old musician from London, whose parents both work for the airline indystry (British Airways & Avios). Tom has already flown airplanes numerous times and even had an helicoper ride.

Radina Vasileva

Unity developer, currently working at Immersionn. Radina is interested in Healthcare in Virtual Reality and mixing and experimenting with different technologies. She believes immersive technology can create new memories which makes us better humans.

#DrawFutureWorlds is an Immersionn original series where we explore the future of all things with live illustration by Simon Spilsbury and moderation by Rupert Breheny.

We aim to host a wide range of speakers including industry experts, technologists, consumers and even kids.

Illustrator: Simon Spilsbury

British Illustrator and artist working across traditional and digital media. In Taschen’s 100 Illustrators Steve Heller described his drawing as “Spilsbury’s expressive and chaotic line is like a high-speed engine that pulls his drawings along at a frenetic pace.”

Moderator: Rupert Breheny

A technical specialist at Google, with a long standing fascination or flying in dreams, I had my first ride in an autonomous car 10 years ago.

If you would like to participate or have suggestions for this podcast, contact

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