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Ericsson's Mobility Report for 2020

"While countries may have differed in their approaches to containing the virus, all face a future with irreversible changes in the ways that we live and work. In retrospect, 2020 will probably also be known as the year when society as a whole took a giant leap forward in our digitalisation journey."

According to the Ericsson Mobility November 2020 Report, the global average mobile data traffic per smartphone user is 9GB/month in 2020 and is forecasted to grow up to 36GB/month in 2026. The 24% CAGR increase in mobile data traffic will be driven by new immersive formats: 4K/8K, VR/AR.

In 2020, we have already witnessed an accelerated demand and adoption rate for our WebXR Technology.

At Immersionn we are 5G ready and some of our immersive web projects can be over 500 MB in size! We support clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Laval Virtual and UK5G to create Web-Twin™ visualisations which effectively communicate product offerings. The solution increases awareness and customers stay 3 times longer to browse freely, compared to normal websites

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