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Globant Sentinel Report 2022

Here are our key insights from the Globant Sentinel Report 2022

1- 76% of the surveyed respondents who have had experiences in the #metaverse have participated for #gaming or #entertainment.

2-Why should we kill the idea that Metaverse is for gamers only, and democratise it?

3-Let’s start by explaining in a nutshell what is Metaverse? : "It’s a shared #3Dexperience or an embodied, virtual version of the internet. We will constantly be within it rather than have access to it”.

4-This research explains how the Metaverse is changing the rules of our digital and physical world with great opportunities for #businesses , #ecommerce, #brands, and #organisations. Experts predict a market size of $800 billion by 2024, which will create 10,000 jobs over 5 years.

5-The Metaverse is where the future of internet is inevitably taking us by creating innovative experiences, with #Avatars emerging as a digital identity, an extension of ourselves in the virtual space.

6- The Metaverse is the big step forward by #leveraging the power of the gaming as an accelerator of technology.

7-One of the next big challenge is the interoperability, how do we connect multiple metaverse projects, participate to multiple #sociocultural activities, similar to the real world. That’s a theme where Immersionn wants to play a key role.

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