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Immersionn Announces that it has Been Selected to Provide its Web-Twin™ at Laval Virtual2021 Event!

Immersionn announced that it has been selected to provide its Web-Twin

™ application at the forthcoming Laval Virtual XR Industry focused event held during the 6-9th July 2021 in Laval, France.

The augmented event enables exhibitors and visitors to join the conference physically and virtually, making the event widely accessible to everyone.

Immersionn's Web-Twin™ is an engaging 3D cartoon-style map rendering of the real Laval town which enables attendees to explore the location and content of various seminars and events.

Laval Virtual is a 23-year-old non-profit organisation, dedicated to the XR Industry with extensive market expertise. Their mission is to unite people from the AR and VR ecosystem to create innovative use cases. Normally dedicated mainly to business intelligence and events, the Laval Virtual team drove over 70 fully virtualised events using the platform Virbella in 2020 and yet there is more to come in 2021.

For further information watch this exclusive interview with Amelia Kallman, Technology commentator, Futurist and Author with Laurent Chretien, General Manager of Laval Virtual and Alexandra Hussenot, CEO of Immersionn.

BOOK A DEMO and find out more information with Immersionn at

CONTACT Laval Virtual at


Laurent Chrétien, General Manager of Laval Virtual

Immersed for 9 years in the European ecosystem of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR-AR), Laurent is a specialist in the new uses of these technologies. He is in charge of the Laval cluster dedicated to VR and AR and actively participates in the economic development of the territory. He is leading the Laval Virtual Center dedicated to VR and AR uses innovation and the international Laval Virtual exhibition and conference, world leader in its specialty for 22 years with more than 300 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors in 2019. In 2020, Laval Virtual organized its first virtual event online in 3D with conferences about VR and AR: 11500 subscribers and 6600 avatars created. Laurent has alternated "classical" experiences in major groups such as Vinci and Unibail Rodamco, with entrepreneurial experiences in particular in the field of cultural tourism and in the field of digital memory transmission. Laurent is engineer from Polytechnique Paris, Ponts & Chaussées and Escuela de Caminos Canales y Puertos, Madrid.

“The communities of XR and startups year after year have created some sort of big family now.”

- Laurent Chretien

Alexandra Hussenot, CEO of Immersionn

Immersionn is a content discovery company and partner of Laval Virtual augmented event 2021. She is also the UK lead for ‘Women in Immersive Technologies’, a community of 1000 members that aims to empower European women working in XR. She is also a member of the UK5G Creative Industries working group reporting the department in charge of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Prior to this, Alexandra pursued an international business career at insurance firm, Allianz, Sony Ericsson, Ericsson and has solid experience launching software and service products, particularly covering user experience design and continuous improvements. She also led large scale operations for mobile phone remanufacturing.

Amelia Kallman, Futurist, Speaker & Author

Amelia Kallman is a leading London futurist, speaker and author. As an innovation and technology communicator, Amelia regularly consults brands, agencies, and governments on the impact of new technologies on the future of business and our lives. She forecasts global trends and behaviours, helping clients navigate innovation, build strategies and deliver industry leading initiatives. She specialises in the emerging opportunities - as well as the risks - of machine learning and AI, big data, IOT, and the New Realities (XR: VR-AR-MR). Recent areas of study include the future of social media, the XR internet, edge computing, and the surfacing human rights issues of tomorrow. She produces and hosts the annual XR Summit as part of ISE and also hosts the XR Star podcast for AV Nation. Amelia's writing is often featured in WIRED UK, IBC365, and The Big Reveal, her popular innovation newsletter and YouTube channel. Clients include Unilever, Tata Communications, Vodafone, Lloyd's of London, and UK Parliament. She is a mentor, activist, and is currently writing her next book.

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