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Immersive Loyalty- Immersionn x Tenerity

Tenerity and Immersionn Launch a Metaverse Experience for Loyalty and Engagement

London, UK – Tenerity, an intelligent engagement company, and Immersionn, a technology company that specializes in building 3D online worlds, have just launched a breakthrough capability to take loyalty and engagement experiences into the metaverse. Integrated into Tenerity's Connect solution, the metaverse capability will enable businesses to create highly compelling and immersive loyalty experiences within engaging virtual worlds.


With the advent of web3.0 and the metaverse, more consumers are drawn to integrating their digital and physical worlds, and the ability for brands to offer their customers a loyalty experience in the metaverse is a way to address the need for a more differentiating and engaging customer experience.

Connect is an intelligent engagement solution that helps brands create highly curated, individualized marketing offers within an immersive customer experience. The product leverages Tenerity’s multi-layered intelligence to structure data that informs both content (types of offers, incentives, rewards) and context, to make offers meaningful to customers.

“The metaverse offers new opportunities for loyalty innovation, advanced gamification, and will drive a resurgence in engagement solutions,” said Rachel Bicking, Chief Digital Officer at Tenerity. “Immersive loyalty is the future, and it can’t exist without some form of metaverse. For brands to differentiate, they need to think about how they can create more immersive experiences for their customers, and the metaverse is driving that next generation.”

“Our physical world is static. Soon, many parts of our lives will be mixed realities,” said Alexandra Hussenot, founder and CEO of Immersionn. “Companies that evolve to communicate with immersi

ve visualization and gamification, and that can create entire brand worlds with their customers, will succeed in increasing brand affinity and convert more sales. Immersive loyalty will become the way forward for brand engagement.”


Tenerity is an intelligent engagement company. We provide global clients with intelligent engagement solutions that give customers reasons to connect with a brand, attracting them daily with compelling offers, and not just when they are transacting with a product or service. Our multi-layered intelligence structures data to inform both content and context to make offers meaningful and effectively personalize at scale. This results in highly curated, individualized marketing offers and an immersive customer experience. It’s the continuous learning generated by the data intelligence that optimizes customer outcomes and makes loyalty profitable.

Based in Stamford, Conn., Tenerity operates in 18 countries and our 1400 associates work with more than 2000 clients. For more information, visit


Immersionn is a creative media technology company that specializes in building 3D online worlds. We transform traditional 2D flat web pages into 3D virtual worlds using the power of the gaming industry. This results in 4x more engaged audiences, higher lead conversion to CRM systems, and the transformation of each online interaction into brand affinity.

Based in London, UK, Immersionn has virtual presence in seven countries and as a young startup collaborates with prestigious projects and clients such as NEOM, T-Systems and Huawei. For more information, visit

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