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Join us for a Diversity Track on VRDays!

Join us tomorrow for a Diversity Track for VR Days, and moderated by Immersionn!


9am (CEST) onwards on Thursday the November 5th 2020


On the Laval Virtual platform by VirBella. (can be used on any PC/Mac, compatible with VR headsets as well)

Download link:


User guide:


There will be guest speakers presenting use cases about diversity in the XR Industry and opportunities of discussions and networking through out the day.

Guest Speakers:

(9:35am) Soudhamini:

Topic: Bijakshara: New Seed Syllables

(10:35am) Ioana A. Mereuta:

Bio: Ioana A. Mereuta is the business development director SR Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Dimenco. Ioana’s passion for immersive technologies began during her master’s degree. She wrote an in-depth paper on "How can spatial computing environments improve the treatment routine in chronically ill patients?" As a result, Ioana founded Avvy, a company that integrated VR as a tool to create and develop applications for patient care. Since then, she's been working with clients such as Medtronic and Deutsche Telekom, bringing together innovative ideas based on spatial technology from concept to implementation. Working at Dimenco, Ioana has embraced Simulated Reality. Her mission is to lead the future of human-computer interaction by encouraging a more collaborative culture.

Synopsis: How Simulated Reality can become a working platform for everyone, no matter background, nationality or gender. An overview about the key drivers of XR mass adoption.

(12:05pm) Tonia Mamai:

Bio: Tonia is passionate about applying immersive technology to bring positive behavioural change in the workplace. In her role as Business Development Director at Make Real, Tonia leads commercial activity for our recently launched D&I product. Tonia has played similar roles in other immersive studios and is a member of Women in Immersive. She has over 15 years experience in the media industry, in commercial roles at The Guardian and News UK working on strategic partnerships with technology platforms such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Synopsis: D&I Perspectives: how immersive technology creates empathy and connection to real-world scenarios. An insight into our Virtual Reality experience based around real-world stories of everyday micro-aggressions in the workplace.

Hope to see you there!

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