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New valuation and 98% through with the funding campaign.

Dear angels and followers,

We have exciting news!

First of all we have reached 98% of the campaign target so it is fair to expect we will now successfully close the round this week. Yeah!

But we have more good news.

After receiving feedback on our valuation including from a close partner, expert in investment banking, we have decided to accept the recommendations and are adjusting our valuation to £1,9M from £3,0M.

We are sure you will all agree, valuing a company is an art, and in this instance, we had been deviating versus investors expectations.

So without further delay, all of you who already invested will benefit from a higher share in Immersionn through this update. This shall also give plenty of re-assurance for higher valuation in the future.

We intend to close the round in the 8 comings days as per plan and so last chance to tag along! We look forward to your reactions to this!

Link to our funding campaign HERE

/!\ note, this update has no relation with Covid19 which has proven to contribute to additional positive traction on our business and the overall VR sector as a whole.

Kind regards, Alexandra Hussenot

CEO & Founder

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