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The Future World of Marketing

Exciting news! The very first episode of our latest collaboration with X4, The Future World of Marketing, is live!

Tune in to get answers to the biggest questions in marketing – what does the future world look like, and what talent is needed to create it?

In episode 1, our hosts Alexandra Hussenot and Paris Taylor speak to Aida Jones, brand strategist and advisor, helping companies quickly scale and launch customer experiences into the Metaverse, and Kumardev Chatterjee, a Forbes Tech Council member and Metaverse Architect who co-founded and is currently leading the world's first 3D, Immersive, Cognitive Metaverse at NEOM.

You’ll get answers to:

  • How to define the Metaverse

  • How to plan your brand’s path to success in the Metaverse

  • How content marketing works in the Metaverse

  • The impact of the Metaverse on personalization and customer experience

  • What an optimal ‘future world of marketing’ team looks like

  • How to justify allocating budgets to executive teams

  • What impact small teams with “modest” budgets can have in the Metaverse

  • What skills marketers need to succeed in the future world of marketing

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