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The Immersionn RELOAD series, day 5: The three body problem, chaos theory or the butterfly effect.

Today here is a note by our lead engineer Leshao Zhang:

"I would like to share this piece of thoughts with you. Perhaps it is too serious. But it contributed a lot to my research as well as my daily life.

In classical physics, everything seems to be deterministic. You throw a ball, it moves like a bell curve. We know this is because of the gravity. And because of the gravity, the moon moves circularity around earth; the earth moves circularity around the sun. Things are perfect and clear. We can easily predict that the sun is going to rise tomorrow from the east.

However, that’s not the truth of the universe. This model is greatly simplified for the ordinary people to understand the world. If we check it a tiny little more accurate, we will find the movements of those planets or stars are spirals. However, this is still not the truth.

If you have heard the famous THREE BODY problem, you should realize that we cannot actually tell what the trajectories of the planets are. They are chaotic or `random` (not exactly random). We cannot predict the precise position of them at any time point in the future.

These are so called nonlinear problems. You may also know the Butterfly effect. Some says a butterfly flapping its wings causes a storm in the future. This is a pretty exaggerated claim. Officially, it is just the trajectory of the strange attractor – one nonlinear modal looks like a butterfly. It tells us, even tiny changes can cause unpredictable trajectory, and the differences become greater giving enough time.

The same thing applies to our daily life. It seems that things are predictable and under control, however, the reality is they are not predictable in the long term.

How do we cope with it? I think the best way to deal with it is to boost ourselves – boost our body and mind so that we are prepared to face any challenge may come in the future.

May the force be with you!"

Here is a link to a video to learn more about the Three Body Problem"

Why the Immersionn RELOAD series?

At our last Immersionn team meeting late March, we discussed what was the appropriate communication content in current times.

We concluded that most people were not in the mood to hear about our business and how great we are (and we are!)...

After a rapid screening of where was the interest of the Immersionn team, we agreed the best was to contribute by cheering up our crowd with some of the content we love during the confinement phase.

So we will select & share one piece on content each day for you over the next 30 days, covering MUSIC, BOOKS, NETFLIX, TED TALKS...

And of course, we are still crowdfunding, in case you get in that mood of becoming one of our angel investors. Here is the link to our Crowdcube campaign

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