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The Immersionn RELOAD series, day 7: LONDON 360

Today we share thoughts by an innovator in the Immersionn network: Elena Corchero, awarded product designer and also director or emerging tech at Newscorp.

"While preparing a 2030 Tech Report ... COVID19 came upon us. A true Future wakeup call for all aspects of our lives. With such acceleration many futuristic visions, both utopian and distopian, will finally come true.

I will collect here my thoughts and projects resulting from reflecting on the technological and sociological impact of it all.

I'm calling it #2020SOS With the aim to spark hope and bring positive guidance to Innovation strategists around the globe. For comments reach out on any social network @elenacorchero."

Why the Immersionn RELOAD series?

At our last Immersionn team meeting late March, we discussed what was the appropriate communication content in current times.

We concluded that most people were not in the mood to hear about our business and how great we are (and we are!)...

After a rapid screening of where was the interest of the Immersionn team, we agreed the best was to contribute by cheering up our crowd with some of the content we love during the confinement phase.

So we will select & share one piece on content each day for you over the next 30 days, covering MUSIC, BOOKS, NETFLIX, TED TALKS...

And of course, we are still crowdfunding, in case you get in that mood of becoming one of our angel investors. Here is the link to our Crowdcube campaign

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