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Virtual Reality Start-up Immersionn Announces Founding Team and Advisory Board

Immersionn, the world’s first virtual reality discovery portal, today announced its founding team and advisory board comprised of a number of highly experienced individuals from a range of backgrounds from across the technology, telecoms and virtual reality sectors.

“We have now finalised our founding team as well as the setup of an advisory board with a number of VP level advisors from well-known tech companies and trade bodies, including Sony, Amazon and the GSMA,” commented Alexandra Hussenot, Founder, Immersionn.

“The team is highly experienced and diverse in terms of competencies but also in terms of culture and gender. Now we have a strong team in place we are ready to take Immersionn to the next level and bring VR to the masses.”

Immersionn acts as a VR content engine that allows people to discover unique virtual reality content they have never seen before. It focuses on three key pillars which are news and documentaries, health and wellbeing and arts and culture and offers filmmakers and content makers with a platform to showcase their work.

By utilising ‘Web VR’ overlaid on a web browser, Immersionn makes VR content accessible across all devices and headsets, unlocking a world of possibilities for VR innovation. The company aims to democratise VR and enable VR creators of all backgrounds and experience to access to a dedicated audience and monetise their content.

Further information on the team can be found here:

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