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You can now view Immersionn's presentation for #XRCOL2020 online.

With Alexandra Hussenot & Radina Vasilova


VR is not for everyone. According to Statista, there are only 171 million active users worldwide. We can compare this with 3.8 billion smartphone users. In 2020 however, there is an increasing demand for immersive digital products that keep us connected while adopting new social distancing rules. Connected VR headsets on Steam have more than doubled in the past three months for example. In December 2019, Immersionn released first an Immersive journalism platform that showcases some of its capabilities before customers started to ask for similar products for their businesses. In May 2020, Immersionn released its first B2B product, the "Web Twin" for T-Systems. Web Twins offers a superior web experience than a traditional web page, as a step before taking engaged visitors to VR. Every Web Twins can be upgraded to VR experiences. At the same time Immersionn started to actively use platforms like Mozilla Hubs for its recruitment and a customized world in Altspace for team and client events. In this talk, we will share our positive experiences with these platforms and their limitations.

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